Posted by: learningwoman | November 22, 2007

Wandering baby.

Last night we did the whole bedtime routine complete with warm bath, racing to see who could get dressed first, amid much hilarity, (S. nearly wet himself laughing) and three stories.

Then sleep. I came downstairs to tidy up and watch some TV and then Z. woke up, which is unusual but he has a heavy cold and he wanted some water, so fair enough.

For the next four hours, he woke up every twenty minutes, hot and frustrated and crying. I gave him Calpol and snuggled him up.

By two in the morning, he was in our bed, chatting happily about the Bob the Builder cakes we made last week and playgroup and I was falling asleep.

I explained that Mummy was tired and need to sleep. A. by this time was absolutely asleep and doing that soft purring snore he does.

Z. was not convinced and he kept taking my face in his pudgy little hands and kissing my lips, damply, with snot smearing from him to me.  I wiped his nose, laid him down and just as I would begin to fall asleep, another kiss, designed to keep me awake but no less lovely for that, would be pressed on my face.

Eventually, he must have tired of that game and I woke with a start, to find him gone from the bed. I sat up and called his name and he answered from his own room. That gave me a fright. Thank god I’d remembered to shut the stairgate, or he might have made his way downstairs!

Anyway…… he was happy to be put into his cot and went to sleep and slept til morning. When he woke up, full of beans.

I, on the other hand, am shattered. There are things I should be doing but this is the third or fourth night this week that one or other of them has been awake through the night and I feel a bit ‘wet spaghetti’ now.

The joys of the start of winter and its attendant illnesses………….

I’m dosing them with plenty of fresh fruit and veg, water, juice, warmth, sleep. Hoping to get some sleep myself soon……


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