Posted by: learningwoman | November 22, 2007

A dark indulgence

There is something earthy, rich, indulgent about the first coffee of the day.

I get excited, like a little girl on Christmas morning, by the smell of the boiling water hitting the ground coffee beans. It reminds me of walking down The Strand in Sydney with my mother, my little hand in hers, as we went to visit a friend.

Her friend’s parents owned a cafe and it was there that we would go, to sit and talk with them. It was the smell that always got me first. There was a huge coffee grinder by the door and it always seemed to be working, grinding the beans to powder and releasing an amazing smell.

The cafe was warm and light and the people were lovely. It was bustling but friendly and fun. Kind of reminds me of the cafes in Amsterdam actually.

So the smell evokes a feeling of pleasure every time.

Intellectually, I know that this just means I have an addiction to the caffeine but emotionally, it feels like a comfort, a friend.

I only have one, maybe two coffees a day, but it’s good coffee. Strong and with just enough milk to give it that beautiful milk chocolate colour. And just sweet enough to dull the bitter edge. But the bitterness is essential too, it lands at the back of my tongue, bringing me to wakefulness, alerting my mind to the day.

Every now and then I take a break from coffee, knowing it to be an unhealthy addiction, but a few weeks later, after the headaches have passed and I am waking up under my own steam, I fall again, as though into a lover’s arms.

Ah coffee! A dark, gorgeous, innocent pleasure.

Did I mention I’m tired? 🙂


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