Posted by: learningwoman | November 21, 2007

Journals and Blogs

My mother writes a journal.

Often, when she stays at our house, I come down early, before the kids are up and find her sitting at the kitchen table in her pyjamas, writing in it.

It’s an interesting looking book, not that I’ve ever looked inside. A thick school-type exercise book, bulging with written-on pages, favourite pictures, computer print-outs of profound sayings. (She sometimes reads them to me.)

It is a tactile object. Although I’ve never touched it, the paper looks matte, the pictures are glossy and there are pieces of fabric peeping from between white paper.

When I come in, she puts down her pen in an unhurried way and smiles goodmorning, leaning forward to hug me and I can feel the softness of her cheek as we hold for a moment, enjoying being in each other’s company.

When she’s sure her time for writing is over, (usually because one or other of the kidlets bursts into the room calling her name) she slides her journal into the beautiful drawstring, silk bag she made just for the purpose.

I love all of this and I too have books dotted around the place that I write in. Not like hers though.

I am disorganised, scattered, in a way that she is not and my journals get lost in the stack of things on my dresser or in the cupboard and are forgotten until the next time they are unearthed.

I told my mother about this blog last night and that it’s public. She was curious.

Why would I want to write something containing personal thoughts and feelings and then make it accessible to the world? Hmmmm. There’s a question.

Well, I’ve been thinking about it and here’s what I have;

I don’t know.

It could be; a desire to share, a sort of narcissism(!), I don’t know really.

I just know that I like it and I like having access to other people’s thoughts too. Millions of interesting, thoughtful, quirky, serious, sad, happy, focused, big-hearted, wonderful, intelligent, scattered controversial, angry, laughing etc… thoughts, flying around the internet.

Some of those blogs have given me hope, made me laugh, twisted my heart, made me proud to be human.

Maybe I write a public blog instead of a private journal just to be a part of it all.



  1. what a great moment for you to share. just a passing thought…maybe we all “do” online blogs because of the connection we need and feel from others.

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