Posted by: learningwoman | November 21, 2007

Filing cabinet..

I am the proud owner of a filing cabinet. (There’s something I never thought I’d say!)

And not just any filing cabinet. A two-drawer, flush-front, lockable, Bisley filing cabinet! Wooo!

They’re expensive, these pieces of office equipment. Much more expensive than I would have guessed, had I ever given it any thought, which I hadn’t.

Luckily for me, A. made it his business to look into a second-hand office furniture store and got one at a fraction of the price. So now I have a really well made filing cabinet sitting in our kitchen until the spare room is clear enough to put it into.

It’s a colour called ‘goose grey’ at the moment. I’m thinking I might customise it, paint it blue or something…….

It’s for the Consultation Sheets I fill out for my reflexology case studies and later, for my clients. As part of the initial consultation, I ask for personal details of their lives; Names, addresses, doctors names, brief medical history, bowel function, menstrual cycle, what sort of medication, if any, they’re on etc…….. People need to know that that stuff will stay confidential and not be accessible to my family or any visitors to the house.

So now I have a filing cabinet (did I mention that? 🙂 where I can store people’s information and know it’s safe and organised. Yay!

It’s got an enormous amount of space, so I’m going to use it to file all my sheet music as well- A. will be so happy not to have it spilling from my music bag onto every surface!

And then there’s the paperwork from the childrens books I’ve just started selling.

Altogether, the filing cabinet will be a useful addition to our household. I’m conscious of a quite unexpected sense of satisfaction whenever I walk past and look at it.


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