Posted by: learningwoman | November 19, 2007


Dark and raining, parking on the roof, running through the rain, laughing, baby’s nappy heavy, needing a change, dashing down the nappy aisle, two packs in the trolley, S. running up and down in front of other shoppers, hiding behind displays, popping out with a grin as I approach, Z. trying to get out of the trolley,  twisting around, trying to get to the bananas, the grapes, the cheese. Harrassed-looking people grabbing last-minute things on their way home from work, other babies staring up at me from their mother’s trolleys, sucking their thumbs, or babbling excitedly. Cocoa for Z’s birthday cake, Thai Green curry paste for when I feel like something soothing and hot, it goes into the trolley, one after the other, until we’re at the other end of Sainsbury’s, S. needs a poo suddenly and the trolley has to be abandoned while we walk quickly across to the in-store cafe toilet, he finishes, hands washed and we troop back, the trolley’s still there, whew! Paid for and packed into bags while S, trying to help, passes me the bananas and then the potatoes, followed by the bread, back up the lift, to the roof, where it still pours with rain, great excitement, running with the children, squealing, more laughing, tumbling them into the car and then standing in the rain, doing up z’s seat-belt, while the water trickles down my neck and into my bra. Home through the dark, more running to the door, carrying shopping bags, S. helping with the lighter stuff, into the warmth and light of our home, bags on the floor, oven on, dinner in, shopping emptied onto the table, into the cupboards, into the fridge and freezer, dinner out of the oven, eaten together, bathtime, PJ’s, books and snuggles, into bed, more kisses, pleadings for ‘just one more story’, words of love, lights off, back down the stairs, cleaning up the kitchen, boiling the kettle for a cup of tea, sitting on the couch…………….ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!



  1. i always go to the mall when it is raining! =D im going to go on wedsney and friday for real girl its going to be so much fun!!!!!! =D

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