Posted by: learningwoman | November 19, 2007

A Better Day.

Thank goodness for new days! A chance for things to be different, better. Every day brimming with possibility and hope.

S. woke me at 6:30am, asking me to take him to the toilet.

I had a shower, while S.  used the bathroom and then he went back to bed. Z. had woken up and was calling softly from his cot;

‘Mama, Mama’

Such joy I feel when I hear him call my name. He is……wonderful, soft, smiling, smart, delicious. A gift.

I was still in the shower when he started to call, so I called back to him

“Hi darling, I’m in the shower, I won’t be long. Just hang on for a second, Mama’s here.”   

A minute later, his voice, much closer this time;

“Mama, I here too!”

He’d climbed out of his cot and was standing at the transparent shower curtain, grinning at me.

He’s never climbed out of his cot before, so I was surprised, proud, laughing, and a bit apprehensive all at the same time. Oh god, now he’ll never stay in bed when I put him in at night! I’ve just put him down for a nap though and he seems happy to stay and sleep, so who knows?

Coffee and breakfast with my family again this morning. and sheets in the wash. A. was really tired, although we had about seven hours sleep. He felt exhausted, a bit down and just a bit irritated… oh well, it must be his turn I guess.

S. was unusually annoyed by life this morning too which was easily explained by the fact that he stayed up to play his new game with A. and went to bed two hours(!) past his normal bedtime.  He’s just turned seven and he’s beautiful and affectionate and a bit like a cross between a leggy colt and an excitable puppy, always jumping around and calling for attention.

He is still soft and often gentle but his baby days are behind him now. He is a confident, strong boy, with opinions and decision. He likes to have discussions and ask questions, point out any discrepancy in my argument and earnestly put forward his own. I am so proud of him and so amazed by him. Also a little tired……… 🙂

Anyway, A. took S. to school in the car. It was pouring with rain and cold, so walking didn’t seem very fun. Z. and I stayed at home and he pottered around after me, while I tidied up random toys and vacuumed the floor in preparation for Alison’s arrival.

I turned the fire on low, got out my reflexology chair, gathered the blanket, handtowels, cream, consultation sheet and music and turned on the oil burner, into which I’d put a few drops of rosewood oil.  It all looked and smelled so lovely with the muted golds, orange and cream colours. Ahhhh.

When she got here, we had a glass of water while I asked her the questions on my sheet. I’m a reflexology student and she’s one of my case studies and also my friend. Then I began.

It was nice, she was relaxed and I was engrossed in silently reminding myself where the points on the feet were and trying to keep it as smooth and relaxing as possible. We talked a little but mostly she lay with her eyes closed and enjoyed the massage. 

About half way through, with Tibetan Singing Bowls and rainfall playing on the CD player, there was a loud knock on the front door. It was the dishwasher repair man. I excused myself, led him through to the kitchen, explained what was wrong with the machine and that I had a treatment to finish. He said that was fine and I could leave him to it.

About twenty minutes later, he apologetically stuck his head into the loungeroom and began to explain what seemed like everything about the dishwasher to me, while Alison lay patiently in the chair, listening as politely as she could from behind her haze of relaxation, warmth and a tendency for her eyes to close involuntarily.

Eventually, I led him back to the kitchen, where he explained that there was actually no problem with the dishwasher but to call if there were any other problems. He seemed like a nice man and he was doing his best. I should have organised it better really, so that there were no interruptions during the treatment. I’d forgotten he was coming……

He left, I finished the treatment and Alison and I talked for a little while until A. brought Z. home from Grandad’s, full of cheese sandwich, chicken and chocolate biscuits. 

Alison left then and A. went to work, leaving me here with my beautiful baby, whom I snuggled and kissed and talked with until it was time for him to sleep.

Now I’m here, writing and thinking and feeling pretty happy with my morning. Soon, it’ll be time to pick S. up from school and we need to stop on the way home to buy nappies and tampons. I should do a proper shop but it’s cold out there and S. is tired. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow, while he’s at school. I can plonk Z. into a trolley and chat with him as we meander around the supermarket. And, if he gets impatient, I can feed him grapes as we walk and he’ll be entirely happy. 


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